IObit StartMenu8

IObit StartMenu8

IObit StartMenu8


  • Faithful recreation of Windows 7 Start menu
  • Quick search feature
  • Access to most used features


  • Option to boot to desktop doesn't work
  • Doesn't show user icon
  • Can't use arrow keys to select item
  • Jumping to Modern UI unintuitive

Not bad

IObit StartMenu8 desktop customization app that brings back the start menu that you know and love.

Windows 8 is a radical departure from the traditional Windows interface so it's understandable that many users don't like the changes. One of the biggest complaints is that the start menu has been removed in favor of the Windows 8 Modern UI, a touch based layer on top of Windows. IObit StartMenu8 fixes this by bringing back the start menu from Windows 7.

There aren't a lot of features to adjust with IObit StartMenu8. You can choose to launch it at login and to disable booting to the Modern UI, although we weren't able to get the latter working. IObit StartMenu8 features a faithful recreation of the Windows 7 start menu, featuring all of the shortcuts to things like "Computer" and "Control Panel."

Although IObit StartMenu8 does bring back the start menu, it does it by obscuring ways to get to the Modern UI. It's still there but the Windows key will be mapped to activate IObit StartMenu8 instead. To get to the Modern UI, you have to activate the 'charms' (Ctrl + C) and click "Start." This makes getting to the Modern UI a hassle.

There is another inconsistency that helps show that IObit StartMenu8 is still in beta. You can't use arrow keys to select items in the start menu, which is pretty crucial if you have a list of similar items in the start menu and don't want to search.

IObit StartMenu8 is off to a good start but needs to make transition from desktop to Modern UI more intuitive.

Start Menu 8 brings back Start Menu to Win8.

Start Menu 8 is specially designed for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to bring back both the Windows 8 start button and Windows 8 Start Menu. It offers the option to skip Modern UI, allowing users who only work on desktop to boot to Windows 8 desktop directly. It's the best Windows 8 start menu replacement. Start Menu 8 can also run smoothly on Windows 7/Vista/XP to replace the built-in start menu.

* The Best Start Menu Replacement for Windows 8

* Easily Switch between Metro and Desktop Interface

What's new:

+ Enhanced support for Windows 10 Technical Preview

+ Added Big Hero Start button icon

+ Supported removing Modern apps from Start Menu

+ Improved the font display on high resolution screen

* Resolved the conflict of Screenshot hotkey

* Solved Auto Shutdown problem that fails to create scheduled tasks

* Fixed general bugs

IObit StartMenu8


IObit StartMenu8

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